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Port Macquarie Real Estate Services. The staff at Port Macquarie Realty  are fully licensed and accredited industry specialists.

We deal with sellers and buyers in all facets of real estate, commercial, industrial, residential sales and leasing,  and privately held small to medium sized businesses on a regular basis, we have a wealth of specialized skills and knowledge in the sales process to ensure a successful outcome for our clients.

Using our up to date market knowledge, contacts with potential purchasers/sellers and a network of trusted professionals, we can facilitate a successful outcome for both owners and buyers.

We provide a full range of Real Estate Services in all aspects of  Commercial an Industrial Sales and Leasing, our staff provide tailored individual solutions for individual owners to ensure the best outcomes at all times.  Port Macquarie Real Estate is unique so we ensure our approach is appropriate on every occasion.  Whenever you call our office the person who takes the call will be able  to deal with your reqiurements immediately.

The Services we offer to Business Owners who wish to sell their business are:

  • Familiarise the business owner with the sales process
  • Conduct a Full appraisal of the Business to accurately advise on the “market worth” of the business.
  • Provide an update on current market conditions and trends
  • Develop an extensive marketing program to attract “qualified” prospects
  • Protect the confidential aspects of your business through early pre qualification of prospective purchasers to ensure they are genuine.
  • We assist you to prepare a full and comprehensive financial and historical package regarding you business to reflects its real worth.
  • Facilitate negotiations between the business owner and the prospective purchaser, communicate with professional advisers, ie: lawyers, accountants and financial advisers, to provide an unbiased input onto the entire buying/selling process.

For buyers looking to purchase a business, Port Macquarie Business Brokers can assist in:

  • Outline a typical acquisition process
  • Assist in determining the acquisition criteria
  • Advise on fair “market worth” of  a business
  • Select and approach “target” businesses on a confidential basis
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality in the purchase process
  • Assist in preparation of funding submission to lending institutions.

Residential Sales and Leasing.

  •   Provide accurate and timely advice  regarding market strengths and weaknesses    
  •  Development of individual marketing programs to highlight each individual property
  •  Assistance in preparing properties for presentation in the marketplace.
  •  Incorporate "Best Practice" procedures for each and every residential property, whether selling or leasing!!
  • Ensure appropriate communcation regardng all aspects of the process to provide a stress free experience.
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